Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My 2Crafty Chipboard October DT Reveal
Part Two

Hi there, thanks for calling by. Today I have part two of my DT reveal
Today I have gone with a circle theme using a new chippie piece.
The two larger circles on this layout are from the "6"Circle Revolution Pack".
These come three per pack.

To continue with the circle theme, I have used this "Word Circle" from the
"Word Circle Set #1". These come with six different words per pack &
are a perfect match to the "Revolution Frames".

All the chipboard on this layout was firstly coated in Gesso, followed by a
wipe with  Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink which I then brush over using
a wet paint brush. Because Distress Ink is water soluable, the water dilutes
the ink & makes it sort of patchy, which is exactly the look I was after.
I use this super simple technique a lot.

In this photo you can see I have also used a "Film Strips  - Small" that I
 simply painted in white acrylic paint & popped in behind my photos.

The last chipboard piece I have used on this layout is an "Ana's Vine".
I treated the branches the same way I did the circle frames & then I added
some Peeled Paint Distress Ink to the leaves & then added some
Crackle Accents, which again because the Distress Ink is water based, the
 liquid of the Glossy Accents causes the ink to run as well as going crackling & shiney.

Well thats all from me today. Hope I have inspired you in some small
way to put some fabulous 2Crafty chipboard on your next layout.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Tour of My Craft Studio
LOTS of Pictures !!!!!

 Hello & welcome to my little studio. I have been promising for ages that I would
take some pics & share them with you all & I have finally got around to it.
Better late that never !!!!

Now as a lot of you would know, I retired back in May this year and sold my
scrapbook shop after eight long years. After doing nearly all the design work
for the shop, teaching 5 to 6 scrapbooking classes per week, plus 2 to 3 card
classes per month over an eight year period, I had a considerable amount of
 equipment & yes I had to fit it all into my room at home !!! It wasn't easy I
can tell you. So for about a year now I have been searching for great storage
solutions to fit all these goodies & I think I have achieved it.

You might think I am being a little self indulgent, having all these supplies,
but doing all the designing & teaching at my shop, it was necessary.

So here we go on my little tour.
The previous picture (above), is my desk where I sit and create & as you can see it is
swamped with light with full length louvre windows. When it gets too sunny in the
afternoons, I just drop the blind.

Now as you can see I don't have too many things out on my desk. I hate clutter & I
need to be organised, thats just the way I am. These are the things like tools & mediums
that I use all the time & most other things are put away in boxes, as you will see.
I figure if things are out they gather dust & I certainly don't like making extra work.
When I am creating sure I make as much mess as the next person, but as soon as I
am finished I like to put everything away so it is all neat & tidy before I start over.

After a recent trip to Ikea a few months ago I purchased this fabulous metal rod with
the stainless hanging pots on it. Love this. Definitely one of my favourite items. I
also got this cool lamp at Ikea too. It is also Stainless Steel & was under $20. It is 
adjustable & sooo effective at night.
On the left of the desk is my sewing machine.

To the left of my desk I have this great four shelf metal stand that I used to have in
my shop & on the top I have all my mists. These are standing on a clear plastic shop
 display stand that is staggered. Old as the hills but does its job brilliantly & you can see
exactly what you are after. You could probably pick up something like this on ebay.
 Underneath the mists I have my printer, dies & other bits & pieces.
I also got some of these big black fabric covered boxes at Ikea too.
They fold flat for storage & are the perfect size for holding
12" x 12" layouts that are waiting to go into albums etc.!!!!
I thought in this post I would include a few ideas that I have implemented in
my studio too. I have created these swatch tags that I have put onto rings & 
I have all my mists, inks etc with the name written on so that when you
 are looking for a particular colour to match up with something, it makes it
 so much easier than trawling through numerous bottles to find the right one.

Now on the wall behind my desk there is a 3 door tall cupboard, a two door unit & then an open
bookshelf. Now all the furniture in my studio I purchased at our local Bunnings Hardware in their
kitchen department. They come as a flatpack & are really cheap. Everything in this room was a
budget price. Just goes to show, if you look around there are bargains to be had.

On the middle cupboard I stand my Big Shot machine & I store a lot of my sewing things. 
The bookcase on the end as well as my desk, were given to
 me by a dear friend & they match my cupboards perfectly. 
The bookcase houses albums, magazines & books, jars of flowers, 
boxes of ribbons, trims etc & more of those great black boxes.

Here is another good storage solution. I keep all my dies in these two ring binder
albums on magnetic sheets inside plastic sleeves. This is one of the best ideas.
 Because I have taught card classes for soooo long I have accumulated so many dies &
 this was the perfect way to store them & it is sooo easy to find what you are looking for too.

 Just back tracking to the three door tall cupboard, this is its contents.
the two door section stores all manner of things. I bought these great clear plastic 
storage boxes with a lid & a handle & I use these to store, Perfect pearls, Silks
paints, Distress Inks, Stickles, Embossing bits, etc etc etc.

Behind the door on the right I store my stamps. Now I have been a little
self indulgent with stamps over the years I will admit. I used to store them
in that middle two door cupboard as well as several shelves in another
cupboard too. Then I came up with this idea to throw away all the cellophane
packaging, it always gets torn anyway. I just keep them on the piece of acetate
 that they come on & I bought a heap of those Project Life plastic sleeves in two
different sizes to accomodate different size stamp sets & now they ALL fit onto
three small shelves. This took me weeks to actually do, planning, sorting etc
 but it is probably the single best thing I have done in my room. It is sooo
good to actually be able to find what you want.
 I think the secret to having everything sorted into these cupboards is
If you don't have everything labelled you firstly, forget what you have got,
"out of sight, out of mind" but it also makes it easy to find everything.

Here is another example of me being, shall we say, "anal"!!!!
I have all my inks etc labelled so that I can see the name on the side but I
also made an actual colour swatch & stuck it to the bottom of each one.
Sometime the colour shown on the package doesn't give a true
indication of the colour. Hence, problem solved.

 Now at the other end of the room is a three door built in wardbrobe & I have removed the
rods that you would normally hang your clothes on & fitted them out with some more of
those metal shelves that used to be in my shop & yes, you guessed it, more labelled boxes.

In the left hand picture I have two sets of those cheapie plastic drawers & I have just
stacked one on top of the other. Now in the far left you can see some skinny black
shelves. These were a great find. Another Ikea purchase. These measure just 12"
wide & come with seven shelves. I got two of them as they are perfect when you only
have a tiny space but you don't want to waste it. Perfect solution.

Now you can see the inside of the two doors on this wardrobe I have also utilised this
 space  too. The one on the left I have staggered some hooks to hang stencils & things.
 The door on the right  holds these great adjustable spice racks which I got 
in the kitchen department at Bunnings Hardware.
 These are perfect for paints etc. I used to be a folk artist for many years,
 this is why I have so many paints !!!!

Moving around the room we come to the door and I have not wasted this space either.
Although I don't seem to use them a great deal these days, I have collected so many
punches over the years for my card classes & I can't bear to part with them.
I know I should cull these, but hey, they aren't taking up any room !!!
Found this idea on Pinterest. Metal curtain rods & small curtain rod
brackets to hold them. Normal size brackets would let the punches fall through.

To the left of the door I have the second one of those 12" wide shelf units I spoke
about before, that I got from Ikea. This piece of wall would have been totally wasted
if I hadn't got this shelf unit, & look how much it holds too.

There is my little dog Tilly, whenever I am in there, so is she.
This is how I store my paper & cardstock. I have tried all manner of things.
I used to have proper paper racks but they were a pain. I have made dividers
for these to help identify whats what. This just works for me.
This two door cupboard  holds my "card making" stuff !!!
Also I used to be heavily into beading so all that is in here too.
This one is overdue for a tidy up so I won't show you the contents.
So there we have it, & we have ended up back where we started, at my desk.
I hope you have enjoyed the tour & have got some ideas along the way for your own
 craft space. Yes I know I am a neat freak, but it is what it is. I like to be organised
& tidy. I lead a busy life but I wouldn't have it any other way so I need good 
organisation around me. This room has taken me just over a year to put 
together & I think I can finally say "I am happy with it". It hasn't cost me a lot,
but collectively I think everything works together.
Thanks for taking the time to go through it & I would love to hear your
comments on whatever things you liked.
Until next time.

Friday, October 24, 2014

My 2Crafty Chipboard October DT Reveal
Part One
"Just the Girls"

Hi there friends. Thanks for stopping by. Today I have part one of my
October DT reveal for 2Crafty Chipboard.
A friend gave me this photo last year & I scrapped it at the time but I always
felt I could do better, so here it is. I have to say I am happier with it
this time round !!!

 I have used one of the many fabulous chipboard titles that 2Crafty make.
They have hundreds to choose from. 

All my chippie pieces were firstly given a coat of Gesso,
followed by a coat of  Viva transparent "Crystal Gel".
This creates an incredible crackled effect.
Next up I sprayed all the pieces with a blue mist. This looks great over
the crackle gel as the colour goes into the cracks & really shows it off.

Underneath my flower cluster I have used a piece from the "Leafy Shrub Set #2".
This shrub set is probably one of my favourite go to pieces. Love it & doesn't it look 
lovely with the crackled effect on it.

Here I have used some chippie "Doilies" both above & below my photos.
I left these white but finished off with some Micro Beads for more texture
& a little dab of mist applied with a brush for a watercolour effect.

Underneath this little flower cluster I have added a "Leafy Round".
This piece is so beautifully fine & just perfect for layering.

I also added a small "Butterfly" from one of the many
 butterfly sets that 2Crafty have in their range.

 Lots of background work using various mediums, mists & stamps
Well thats all for today. I'll be back with part two of my 
October reveal in a day or two.
Until then
And remember, to find a 2Crafty stockist near you, drop an email to...


Monday, October 13, 2014

My Very First Video Tutorial
For Scraps of Darkness Kit Club
2Crafty Chipboard

Hi friends, thanks for calling by.
I am VERY excited today as I am finally getting to share with you
my very first video tutorial !!!!
I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that I would
learn how to do a video, & with a whole lot of help & guidance from
a dear sweet person, Fiona Paltridge, who I am ever so grateful too,
I have finally got my first video done!!!!
Now you have to forgive some of the mistakes I have made,
like getting shadows on my work for one, but it IS a learning curve.
So I hope you stick around & watch it & I would love some feedback too.
So here we go !!!!

Click here to view

These papers I have used are from the current kit called "Transition"
from Scraps of Darkness kit club. This kit had so many yummy things in it.

Naturally I have used lots of gorgeous 2Crafty chipboard.

 Lots of mixed media on my background.

As always, lots of pretty flowers.

Well I hope you enjoyed watching my video as much as I
enjoyed making it & I am sure it will be the first of many.
Until next time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My "Scraps of Darkness Kit Club"
DT Reveal - Part Two
"Special Day"

Hi there friends, thanks for calling by.
Today I have part two of my DT reveal for
"Scraps of Darkness Kit Club".
This layout is the second one I have created using the
current "Transition" kit.

I have used this beautiful photo of my youngest son & his
beautiful bride on their wedding day last year & I must say
I am really happy how this turned out.
 There are just so many gorgeous papers & embellies in this kit
with lots of beautiful autumn tones including this fab new paper range
from Prima & green just so happens to be my all time favourite colour.

I have used some flowers from the kit as well as some from my stash.

All of the chipboard I have used, including my title, filmstrips & feathers,
are all from my favourite chippie company,
2Crafty Chipboard.

 This stunning ribbon that I have tied my bow with, also came in the kit.
 I just love the way it has a wired edge, which just makes creating really
spectacular bows just so easy.

Lots of fab layers all cut from the gorgeous Prima papers from the kit.

Well that pretty much does it for todays post. Hope you liked it.
I will be back in a few days with another layout I am working
on using this "Tansition" kit.
Until then.

Make sure you pop over to the Scraps of Darkness  BLOG or FACEBOOK page
 & check out what all the other girls have done with this fabulous kit.
Or here is a link to their STORE if you would like to get your hands
on this fabulous kit too.