Monday, April 30, 2012

What a Surprise!!!!
My Card was Published!!!!

(Poor quality Photo. Sorry!!!)
Well what a SURPRISE!!!! I submitted this card to the Cardmaking Magazine in March 2011, they emailed back & said they would like to have it in their magazine, I sent it in for photography, & that was 
13 months ago.  One of my students in one of my Card classes told me this card was  in the current issue. Well I didn't believe her & went out & purchased the magazine & much to my surprise, there it was on page 93. Now I realise these things take time, but 13months. I had long given up hope & thought it was never going to happen. I don't even have the card anymore  to photograph to put on my blog. I have actually photographed the page out of the magazine & just cropped it. Hence it isn't a very good quality photo. I didn't hear from them to say it was in a certain issue etc. So you can imagine my surprise!!!
Isn't it wonderful to get such a lovely surprise like this. I might start sending in some more submissions of cards now that my faith has been restored!!!
Just had to share my little story. Thanks for stoppin by.
Until next time.   Cheers Di  xo