Friday, December 14, 2012

My Beautiful Poppy Girl

I just wanted to do a little tribute to my beautiful baby girl,
Sadly she passed away yesterday.

She was 11yrs  which for a staffy dog is quite old.
We rescued her from the pound eight & a half years ago
when I sadly lost my then staffy, Chloe, to cancer.
We thought we weren't able to save Chloe from the ravages
 of cancer, so we would go to the pound
& save another little dogs life.
That is when we met Poppy at age 3 yrs.
She has been our little girl ever since.

She truely was the most beautiful natured little dog.
Always obedient & extremely affectionate & loyal.
My husband & I only have sons, so we always say,
to the amusement of eyeryone, that she is the
daughter we never had!!!

I know it is hard to understand such grief if you are not
a doggy person, but it is like loosing a child.
It really is. Those of you who are doggy people, will
know exactly what I mean. When your kids grow up
& move out & you become an empty nester, you place
all of your affections onto your pets.

I am devestated, & my heart is just broken in two.
I loved her so very very much.
 She was such a major part of my life.

I will love you forever my bubba girl.

Poppy's Mum